Dementia Without Walls – dedicated website

Dementia Without Walls – dedicated website

Why do we need a dedicated website for Dementia Without Walls?

Although the programme is coming to an end, we hope that the legacy will continue.

We want to continue to promote the ideas behind dementia-friendly communities, we want to continue the debates around thinking differently about dementia, and most importantly we want to showcase the voices of people with dementia.

Nada is one of the directors of Innovations in Dementia. She has worked with many people with dementia, JRF staff and others on different projects for Dementia Without Walls. She is responsible for the maintenance of this website

2 thoughts on “Dementia Without Walls – dedicated website

  • I have just started working with Dementia Residents again after a period away from care work, when I worked in community development. I have only just found out about this programme and am really excited about it! Keep up the good work!

    sarah allwood
    • Great to hear from you Sarah! Do let us know what you have found particularly useful or inspiring!

      Philly Hare

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