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Please contact Philly Hare from Innovations in Dementia –


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  • Where we live there is a lady who is registered blind as a result of severe macula degeneration. She also has slight dementia. It is heart-breaking to see the very genuine suffering she endures from the people she ‘sees’ sitting in her flat and coming through the walls. I am aware of the info about this, but apart from taking the persons hand and spending some time with them, have you any suggestions as to how to offer comfort?

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t think we should ever underestimate the importance of just being with someone, listening to them and laughing and crying with them.

      Nada Nada
  • I was enquiring on any training you may have available.

    louise kitson
    • What sort of training did you want. Some of the groups in the DEEP network are involved in training.

      Nada Nada
  • It would be very helpful if a list of what is available in an area or district could be made available. I keep discovering so many small groups working in silo and I am sure our communities would greatly benefit from having a register of what’s on their doorstep. This could be made available to Doctors etc. to help them signpost for the extra support needed by those living with dementia and their carers at point of contact. Please let me know if group lists are available anywhere, especially in the Lancaster, Lancashire area. Thank you.

    Linda Robinson
    • Thanks Linda – Dementia Connect might be able to help. But keeping up to date lists of available services is always really difficult.

      Nada Nada
  • do you know of any dementia organisations that are looking for helpers?

    chris hatton-fahey
    • It depends very much where you live Chris and what you have to offer. Alzheimer’s Society and DementiaUK are the big ones, they may have bases where you live.

      Philly Hare Philly Hare

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