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Other Resources

The evidence base about dementia friendly communities is growing. Here you can find important case studies, resources and guidelines – including some written by people with dementia.



See below for links to reports from Alzheimer’s Disease International, Life Changes Trust and others.


  • Dementia Friendly Communities in Scotland Report 2 – The First Year April 2015 – March 2016

    In April 2015, the Life Changes Trust invested £3.4 million in fourteen dementia friendly communities across Scotland, over a period of three years. These communities are all very different. Some are geographical communities, that is, they relate to a specific location like West Dunbartonshire or Dumfries and Galloway. Others are communities of interest that bring people together because they are interested in similar activities, for example, sport, art or walking outdoors.
    This second report has been compiled using evidence gathered from the first year’s monitoring and evaluation reports of the communities.


  • Guide to a Dementia Friendly Community: Ideas for cross-sector and cross-generation initiatives, Japan

    This Guide to a Dementia Friendly Community, published in Japan in 2016, draws substantially on examples from the UK and highlights the importance of people with dementia being right at the heart. The guide states: “What is consistent across all communities passionately engaged in creating a dementia friendly environment is an active participation by the people with dementia. In places where they play a specific role in the efforts, we can sense this sense of excitement and spirit across the community, including the people with dementia.”

  • Rural Dementia Top Tips

    Rural Dementia Top Tips: Learning from a dementia friendly initiative in the Scottish Highlands was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and highlights what Dementia Friendly Communities CIC – a pioneering social enterprise established in 2012 and subsequently successfully sustained in a remote, rural area of the Scottish Highlands – learned along their journey.

  • ADI Dementia Friendly Communities Resources

    Alzheimers Disease International set out the principles and the resources available to guide the development of dementia friendly communities and showcase examples of dementia friendly initiatives around the world.

  • How to help people with dementia: A guide for customer-facing staff

    This booklet produced by Alzheimer’s Society provides guidance for those working in a customer service role, on how they can help to support people with dementia who they encounter in their jobs.

  • Dementia friendly communities: guidance for councils

    Published by LGA and Innovations in Dementia 4 August 2015.

    This guidance produced by the LGA in collaboration with the community interest company Innovations in Dementia outlines the important role of councils in supporting people with dementia by creating local dementia friendly communities and demonstrates how councils are making this happen through numerous case study examples


  • Dementia Diaries - Dementia friendly communities

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