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Through actively supporting projects and evaluations in York and Bradford, and across the Yorkshire region, we have learnt a lot about what’s important in creating dementia friendly communities.

JRF supported the evolution of the York Dementia Without Walls project by:

  •  Providing small grants (25K per year) to local groups in York who wish to play their part in making York or their local community more „dementia-friendly‟ (via a stream within the JRF York Grants Committee).
  • Supporting GeniUS! York with their dementia challenge
  • Bringing together people from museums and art galleries to work on local initiatives
  • Working with other member organisations of businesses through York Cares

There are many dementia friendly initiatives across Yorkshire, including in York and Bradford.


  • Dementia friendly performances

    The West Yorkshire Playhouse has produced this guide to staging dementia friendly performances. The guide is based on experiences from dementia friendly performances based at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Curve theatre and the Millemnium Forum and aims to increase access to ‘life-enhancing shows’ for people with dementia by reconnecting them to their local cultural venues and their communities.

  • How can we make our cities dementia friendly?

    Dementia friendly communities (DFCs) aim to be accessible, inclusive, welcoming and supportive to those affected by dementia, enabling them to contribute to, and participate in, mainstream society. More than 80 places across the UK are now working towards becoming more dementia friendly, with similar movements gaining ground overseas.

    York and Bradford – two very different Yorkshire cities – are among those leading the field. This paper contributes to the emerging evidence base by drawing out the key messages from independent evaluations of their DFC programmes.


  • Evaluation of the York Dementia Friendly Communities Programme

    This report identifies the distinctive features of the York Dementia Friendly Communities programme, which promotes a range of innovative projects. It looks at how people with dementia have been involved in shaping the programme.


  • Evaluation of the Bradford dementia friendly communities programme

    This report identifies the distinctive features of the Bradford Dementia Friendly
    Communities programme, and examines how people with dementia can influence what a Dementia Friendly Bradford should be like.

  • Creating a dementia-friendly York

    This report considers how York can become a more dementia-friendly city. While York is responding positively in many ways to the needs of people with dementia, there is still much to do to make sure that people can live well with dementia.

  • Dementia-friendly Yorkshire: First steps on the journey


    This collection contains 20 examples of inspiring grassroots dementia-friendly projects transforming communities across Yorkshire.

    Projects are taking place in shops, churches, mosques, gurdwaras, legal services and cafes, and in public services such as transport, museums, hospitals, trading standards, schools, libraries, and sports centres.

    Local ‘champions’ are behind most of this work, and show how we can each play our role in making our own community or organisation a welcoming and supportive place for people with dementia.

  • A brief evaluation of Vocal Flourish, a York choir for people with dementia

    Vocal Flourish was set up in York in February 2015, funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) as part of their programme Dementia without Walls.

    This report is by independent evaluator, Ali Cummings.


  • A story about me - Liz

    Inspired Youth teamed up with Ian Donaghy to create a moving film featuring an amazing lady by the name of Liz who is living with dementia. The film is one of a series supported by JRF that is designed to raise awareness and change attitudes and was first premiered at the “A night to remember” event at the grand opera house raising money for people affected by dementia #dementiafriendlyyork

  • A story about Peter

    This is a story about Peter, who lives with dementia. Its a story about a father, a husband, an artist and an architect. This film was produced by Inspired Youth for JRF as part of ‘a story like ours’ https://astorylikeours.wordpress.com

  • Annie's letter

    12 year old Annie from York reads an open letter to her grand-mother Liz who is living with dementia.

  • Good with people - The Co-operative working towards being Dementia Friendly - Alzheimer's Society

    This film shows how a Co-operative store in Bradford has made small changes to become dementia friendly.

  • It's my life

    Avril and Peter from Haxby, a village near York, describe how they keep going with their everyday lives in spite of Peter’s dementia – and how important it is that the community includes and welcomes them.

  • Vocal Flourish - a choir in York

    A choir who live with dementia, but sing without it!

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Vocal Flourish brings people with dementia and their supporters as a choir under a professional conductor.