Equity & Diversity

Equity & Diversity

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How can communities be encouraged to engage with all people with dementia whatever their circumstances?

People with dementia come in all shapes and sizes! Our communities must seek to engage with, and achieve equity for, all people with dementia, whatever their circumstances. This means we have to try harder to reach out to the most marginalised communities including people who: are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans; come from minority ethnic communities; have learning disabilities, multiple disabilities or sensory impairment; younger; or living in care homes.


  • Dementia friendly communities: supported learning and outreach with the deaf community

    There is strong evidence of a link between hearing loss and dementia. People with mild hearing loss have nearly twice the chance of going on to develop dementia as people without any hearing loss. This Solutions focuses on a programme of dementia awareness for deaf people which aimed to break down barriers people in the deaf community face in accessing dementia support.

  • Perspectives on ageing with a learning disability

    This Perspectives paper explores what people with learning disabilities and their families have to say about getting older, their experiences and feelings, and what is most important to them in later life.

  • Over the rainbow – LGBT people and dementia

    The Over the Rainbow project was in partnership with the University of Worcester Association for Dementia Studies, Birmingham LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing and PACE Health London.

    We know that LGBT people with dementia are especially marginalised communities, and that the issues impacting LGBT people with dementia are under-represented in general dementia groups and charities (Alzheimer’s Society, 2013; Westwood, 2014).

    What has not been heard are the voices of LGBT people with dementia themselves.

  • Perspectives on ageing: lesbians, gay men and bisexuals

    This Perspectives paper explores the views of a wide range of older lesbian, gay and bisexual people, their experiences of getting older and expectations of support services.

  • Dementia doesn’t discriminate

    A leaflet containing information for LGB&T people and their friends, partners and families

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