Truth & Meaning

Truth & Meaning

Daphne Wallace

Can we reframe our understanding of ‘confusion and delusions’ experienced by people with more advanced dementia?

Can we be more supportive when people with dementia experience challenging and distressing symptoms such as confusion, disorientation, and “delusions”?

People with more advanced dementia quite often experience challenging and distressing symptoms such as confusion, disorientation, and “delusions”. These experiences may appear or feel to be very meaningful to them, and responding to them purely as symptoms of an illness can be unhelpful or even harmful to the person. A JRF-funded Enquiry, led by the Mental Health Foundation, has explored whether we could and should reframe our understanding. Can dementia be reconceptualised to enable responses which are more supportive, therapeutic, and possibly even empowering for people with dementia?

You can download the report from the link below.



  • What is truth? An inquiry about truth and lying in dementia care

    This is the report of the major Inquiry about Truth and Lying in Dementia Care, commissioned and funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

    There are around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and the ageing population suggests this figure will rise significantly. Around half of these people may be living with different realities.

    Carers often have challenging decisions to make when a person is living with different realities and beliefs – something that increases as the dementia accelerates. Should they agree or contradict? What should they say? This report looks to provide guidance in these situations.

3 thoughts on “Truth & Meaning

  • Has this report been completed as I am very interested in reading it. As a result of the new dementia learning and development framework in northern Ireland I am undergoing training to enable me present a project of change further knowledge would be very helpful Many thanks

    Lynne Bulled
    • Hi Lynne
      Thanks for your interest. I think the report is still being worked on by the Mental Health Foundation. It will appear here when it is ready.
      Sorry for the delay.

      Nada Nada
      • Lynne – the report is now published – see above.

        Philly Hare

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