We are still the same people

We are still the same people


“I went to the supermarket with my girlfriend just to get some bibs and bobs. I just walking down the aisle, coming to the other way was this guy I know from way back, he used to work for me way back. He just kinda looked the other way and shuffled off, quick, as though he never knew me.

I think the old stigma hit home again. I don’t think he wanted to talk to me, or maybe didn’t know how to approach me, or was maybe a little bit frightened. I don’t know, but sometimes it just hurts a little bit when you think about the past and how you get along with people, and then suddenly because you’re diagnosed with this thing called dementia, in some shape of form you become an alien. I really do think it needs to be opened up, this thing. Again to harp on about things… Just to let people know that you are still the same, come what may and all the rest of it.

We are still the same people.

I couldn’t be bothered to tell him that, should be intelligent enough to know that anyway, but apparently he wasn’t. Anyway, another one bites the dust.”

Paul Hitchmough