What is DWW?

What is DWW?

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This website is part of the Dementia without Walls programme’s legacy. Here you will find lots of content relating to the JRF programme and its many associated projects and partners.

The debate on values, equality  and rights continues through the VERDe network – find out more.

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The Dementia without Walls programme (DWW) was funded and coordinated by Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It ran from June 2012 to December 2015, and was built on numerous partnerships… with people affected by dementia themselves, with other foundations and funders, and with a range of other experts.

The website reflects the core aims of DWW and its partners. We want to help the UK to become a good place for those of us who have dementia to live, and live well. We believe we need to challenge attitudes, understanding and behaviours around dementia which reinforce stigma, isolation and exclusion. We need to inspire local communities, organisations and businesses to become more aware and understanding of dementia, and more inclusive. And we need to support the collective engagement of people with dementia.

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Thinking Differently about Dementia

We want to challenge ourselves and others on how we think (and talk) about dementia.

And we want to support the development of conceptual thinking around dementia – in research, in policy, in practice, and in the wider public discourse.

Dementia Friendly Communities

We want to inspire local communities, organisations and businesses to become more aware and understanding of dementia. We all need to be more respectful of the rights of people with dementia to be included in every part of our society.

In this section we draw on, and highlight, key learning from:

  • Projects we have supported in York, Bradford, Derry-Londonderry and East Sutherland
  • Networks we have supported in Yorkshire, Wales, the UK as a whole, and Europe (EFID)
  • The Prime Minister’s Challenge Champions group

3 thoughts on “What is DWW?

  • I did not know that more women than men are affected by Dementia despite attending many Dementia Meetings and Seminars. I am a Widow and quickly realised there are far more Widows than Widowers ? Is this due to a “Generation Lifestyle” ?
    Also I do not like the label “Dementia”
    – it’s a very cruel word ,frightening..
    Please inform me of JRT’s progress “Without Walls ” Thank You

    Angela Terrill
    • Thanks Angela – I’ll add you to our mailing list

      Nada Nada

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